G is for Guardian Angel Publishing

My first two picture books, A Star in the Night and Teresa’s Shadow are published through a great publishing company called Guardian Angel Publishing.(also called GAP) 

Guardian Angel Publishing is a children’s book publishing company which publishes books for ages 2 through 12. There are picture books, rhyming books, musical books, e-books, print books and more recently books available through iTunes. As published on their home page, their mission is to “change the world on child at a time” through inspirational and faith filled books.

With all the competition reading has with video games and TV, Guardian Angel Publishing is keeping up with the times and technology in order to keep inspiring children to read.

A new division of GAP is the Guardian Angel Kids Magazine (also called GAK). The magazine expands on GAP’s mission and provides a “healthy and safe entertainment for 2-12 year old children, featuring games and activities from our Guardian Angel books and characters.” Recently, my story The Sleepover was published in the April 2011 issue on Health. The magazine not only features, stories and articles, but has interactive learning games, often based on popular book characters from GAP.

What do you think about this innovative, faith filled and fun publishing company?

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