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The new issue of My Light Magazine is up at . We have a new addition to the My Light team this month. Her name is Carol Brooke and she is our new Illustrator Coordinator. She will match manuscripts with illustrators and review illustration submissions ( if you’d like to send a sample and help out as an illustrator, please send 3 samples and a cover letter to .) She has been a tremendous help already. We look forward to working with her.

The new issue of My Light includes an interview with Carol Brooke. Please visit and click on Meet Carol Brooke to learn more about her. As always, thank you for reading My Light Magazine.

My Light Magazine Has a New Team Member

Media Contact: Jennifer Gladen




Pennsylvania (January 2, 2009)– My Light Magazine, a Catholic centered online magazine for children, announces a new member of the My Light Team. The Magazine named contributor and illustrator Carol Brooke as the Illustrator Coordinator. She will assist in matching up authors and illustrators for manuscripts published in My Light.

She is currently an author and illustrator for children. In addition, she works as a counselor and holds a Masters of Science in Counseling degree. She has extended experience in working with children, including running her own classroom as a teacher.

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Gladen is thrilled to welcome Carol Brooke to the My Light Team. “Her enthusiasm for the magazine will be a great asset in continuing the mission of My Light.”

Mrs. Brooke is just as excited to join My Light Magazine. “I am happy that the magazine is growing and I’m so excited to be a part of it!”

My Light Magazine looks forward to working with Carol Brooke. She can be reached via her email at .

As always, we welcome new illustrators. For Guidelines, visit or

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