I Wish You Happiness – Book Review

Several months back, I purchased the picture book I Wish You Happiness by Michael Wong and illustrated by Ann Baratashvili through Michael Wong’s Kickstarter campaign. I was delighted to get it in the mail recently. Let me tell you, I am so glad I chose to support this book.

It. Is. Gorgeous. Everything about the book is beautiful from the lustrous illustrations to its message of tranquility, peace, and happiness. Page after page is filled with wishes of encouragement for various life experiences complemented by the sense of awe and wonder created by the illustrations. The team of author and illustrator in this book was a perfect match.

I also loved the supplemental pages at the end that highlights a few surprises in the illustrations. This was a great book that I highly recommend. Hopefully, you can grab it before Christmas this year. What an amazing way to begin 2021 – with messages of hope and encouragement.

Rating: 📚📚📚📚📚

Joy of Writing – Part 2 – Awards!

Another thing I love about writing and blogging – is the support from other writers. For example, I received a comment and an award from author/illustrator Diedre  Eden Coppel stating she awarded my blog the Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you for the honor Diedre. Please stop by and check out her blog at: http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/ 

My Light Magazine Has a New Team Member

Media Contact: Jennifer Gladen


Email: editor@mylightmagazine.com


Pennsylvania (January 2, 2009)– My Light Magazine, a Catholic centered online magazine for children, announces a new member of the My Light Team. The Magazine named contributor and illustrator Carol Brooke as the Illustrator Coordinator. She will assist in matching up authors and illustrators for manuscripts published in My Light.

She is currently an author and illustrator for children. In addition, she works as a counselor and holds a Masters of Science in Counseling degree. She has extended experience in working with children, including running her own classroom as a teacher.

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Gladen is thrilled to welcome Carol Brooke to the My Light Team. “Her enthusiasm for the magazine will be a great asset in continuing the mission of My Light.”

Mrs. Brooke is just as excited to join My Light Magazine. “I am happy that the magazine is growing and I’m so excited to be a part of it!”

My Light Magazine looks forward to working with Carol Brooke. She can be reached via her email at CarolBrooke@mylightmagazine.com .

As always, we welcome new illustrators. For Guidelines, visit http://mylightmagazine.com or www.mylightmagazine.stblogs.com

Media Contact:

Jennifer Gladen: editor@mylightmagazine.com

Jaclyn Morales: JaclynMorales@mylightmagazine.com

Carol Brooke: Carolbrooke@mylightmagazine.com

Website: http://mylightmagazine.com


A Star in the Night: Coming Soon!

My first picture book, A Star in the Night, is now listed as “coming soon” on Guardian Angel Publishing’s website. Click here to see it. It is the last book in the selection. It isn’t up for sale yet, but I promise I will let you know when it is available. Illustrator John Blackford is doing a tremendous job with the pictures.

A Cover for A Star in the Night

It’s here! The cover art for A Star in the Night!. I couldn’t tell you enough about illustrator John Blackford’s talent. That’s why I’m about to show you.

It’s as if he read my mind when I was writing the book. Thanks for a great job, John. I can’t wait to see the rest of the book.

Here it is…..

Drum roll…

Ta Da….

A Star in the Night Has an Illustrator!!

I’m thrilled to announce the illustrator of A Star in the Night, a picture book that follows a young boy through a mystical Christmas Eve. The joyful story will be illustrated by John Blackford, a talented illustrator who always seems to keep busy with one project or another. Take a look at his blog and check out some of his work. Don’t just look at the pictures – he has links, trailers, comics, you name it.

I’m ecstatic to have such a talented illustrator work on A Star in the Night. Stay tuned, as I’m sure there will be more to update soon.