Jennifer Nielsen’s Cover Reveal Trivia

It’s HERE! I have Trivia Question number 7. Post your answer in the comments. From there if your answer is correct, I will send your name to THE Jennifer Nielsen for your entry point to the contest.

TRIVIA QUESTION NUMBER 7: What made the WW2 German Blitzkrieg different from any other invasions in history?


Start at Jennifer Nielsen’s blog There you see the cover with 15 trivia squares. There are (Surprise!) 15 blogs with links to ALL the questions.

  1. Follow that link to find the trivia question.
  2. Answer the question in their comments (Question 7 is answered here on my blog).
  3. The first correct answer will unlock that square of the cover, BUT
  4. Even if the square is unlocked, please visit the blog to get an entry point. The contest is open until every square is unlocked and the full cover is revealed. This means if you visit every blog before the cover is revealed, you can get up to 15 entries!


THREE signed books from Jennifer Nielsen, INCLUDING the choice of THE CAPTIVE KINGDOM – or – the first ARC of this new historical when she receives it!

This is going to be so much fun! Let’s jump in and get started! Good luck to everyone

Jennifer Nielsen’s Cover Reveal Contest!

You won’t believe what is coming this weekend! Jennifer Nielsen, author of the ASCENDANCE Series, MARK OF A THIEF Series, THE TRAITOR’S GAME Series and several other books is having a book cover reveal of her upcoming book! Part of the reveal is an exciting contest where you can win THREE signed books from Jennifer Nielsen, INCLUDING the choice of THE CAPTIVE KINGDOM – or – the first ARC of this new historical when she receives it!

Ever since I read The False Prince, the first book of the Ascendance Trilogy, I have been a huge fan of her work. I wrote a review of The Shadow Throne here. **Spoiler Alert** The book is AWESOME! It even got my teenage reluctant reader hooked.

Here are the details of the contest. On Sunday visit Jennifer Nielsen’s Website. Click on her blog. There will be 15 Trivia squares – Each with a link to a question. Post your answer on the blog the link takes you to. So if I have question 3, you would click on that tile, answer the question here. The first correct answer unlocks a square revealing part of her new title. No worries though if you aren’t the first. Every correct answer is an entry point for the giveaway. So if you got all 15 answers correct – whether you were first or not – you will have 15 entry points.

This sounds like a ton of fun and I’m so excited to be a part of it. So – COME BACK SUNDAY for the trivia question and a lot of fun!

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Book Review: Shadow Throne

Shadow Throne is book three in Jennifer Nielsen’s Ascendence Trilogy (which is expanding – more on that later!) . The story picks up shortly after the ending of Runaway King. The neighboring countries are taking full advantage of Carthya’s weakened state and throws young King Jaron in the center of a war. Jaron thinks he’s ready until things go horribly wrong on a rescue mission. And things just get worse for him by the minute. The one thing he often has going for him is that people always underestimate him.

This was a great read. I usually don’t enjoy reading about war, but the book held my attention. I really love the main character and just had to find out how he would get through everything. I did find a few spots sort of slow, but I highly recommend paying full attention to those parts.

In this third installment of the trilogy, I was not disappointed. And, as mentioned above, there seems to be a book 4 in the works. Jaron has another story to tell. Jennifer Nielsen posted here with all the juicy details!

Over all, I give this a 5 star rating.

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