Review: Rhythm Rescue

Rhythm Rescue is a musically themed picture book. The author Vicky Weber did a great job integrating musical beats into the story so that the reader can join along.

In the story we follow Tala in the land of Music Metropolis as she makes her way through the city to visit her friend. Along the way she ran into a few problems- but we see that with the power of music, anything is possible!

Rhythm Rescue by Vicky Weber

This was a fun, engaging read which I’m sure children will enjoy clapping to the best as they help our hero Tala. While I would have loved to see more explanation of the musical notes used, I found it informative and an excellent way for children to “feel the beats”.

Over all, this was a fun way to to help child become familiar with musical beats. I definitely recommend it! You can get a copy at Amazon and it’s currently available for free in Kindle Unlimited! But, if you’re going to read it in the classroom, definitely get the paperback!

Interview with Author Sheri Pape

Sheri Page is the author of the Cassie picture book series. She took a few minutes to stop by and answer some questions about writing and her career.

Welcome Sheri. Tell us a little bit about your writing life.

I started writing in 1984, but have been professionally writing for 12 years.

What are your favorite books to read?

I love picture books!

What has been the most difficult thing about writing? The most rewarding?

I find the editing process is the most difficult. The most rewarding is being creative while writing my stories.

What publications do you have out now?

My books are Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons and Cassie Pup Takes the Cake?? They are the winners of five national children’s book awards.

Are there any other upcoming releases?

Another Cassie sequel. Cassie Pup’s Favorite, Funny, Creepy-Crawly Children’s Stories (Children’s Rhyming Stories).

Where can we follow you and purchase your books? Books can be purchased there, along with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million.