N is New Content #AtoZBlogging Challenge

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word NEW today. We’re well in to the New Year and we’ve had some new goals. We’ve made some new friends in the blogging challenge. We’ve tried some new writing techniques along the way. 

Today I’ll look more specifically at New Content. As we go along this challenge and we follow a theme, we want to be sure we are not just restating the same post in a different way with a different letter. 

So, we rack our brains to find new content. Many times we may be at a loss, especially if we blog every day. Even if we know we are posting new and interesting posts, we may still feel that something is off or that our posts are becoming “dry”. 

So what are some ways we can come up with new content?  We can try some frequently suggested tips such as brainstorming and free writing. Do you know how many times I started writing a post and then had to change my title or even the whole thing? It usually happens after about 200 words. I start writing about something and the thought comes to my mind: “Wow, I should have written about…” Then BOOM! I would erase everything and start with my real content. It does work.

Another tried and true option is to carry a notebook with you. You never know when your ideas will “hit” you. I could sit in front of the computer screen for hours trying to come up with something interesting to write about. However, sometimes the content or ideas hit me after I stop thinking about them so much. 

Still not sure you have your new content? Another idea I try is googling an idea. I aim to at least have a concept, idea or even a key word. For example, I knew this post needed the letter N. I thought to myself, “Let’s see what happens when I google New Content for a Blog.” I read a few posts and found a few suggestions.  

What if you aren’t even sure of a topic? I actually googled, “writing words that start with the letter N”.  Now, that really yielded nothing, but it got my brain thinking and seeking. Eventually that led to my new content idea. 

I also searched to see what other previous A to Z bloggers did. I didn’t take their ideas, but I read what they had to say. I watched how they tied a certain word or phrase to the challenge. Some ideas I liked, other ideas didn’t help much. While nothing from my research physically appeared in my blog, it did spark my inspiration.I started thinking, “If I chose that topic, what would I write?”

Honestly, I didn’t think my topic of new content would yield much of a post, However, I think it did pretty well. 

How do you come up with your new content ideas? 

Jen’s Writing Tips

I’m starting a new series on my blog called Jen’s Writing Tips. I am still learning along with all the other authors, as we all are constantly learning and growing. The purpose is to help others achieve their writing goals. Each post in the series will hopefully give you something to think about on your next project. Enjoy and good luck! Feel free to leave a comment after any of the posts. Readers may appreciate the feedback.

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My Light Names Assistant Editor

Below I posted a new Media Release about My Light Magazine. We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the My Light team. Take a look and meet My Light’s new assistant editor.


Media Contact: Jennifer Gladen
Email: editor@mylightmagazine.com


Pennsylvania (September 29, 2008) –My Light Magazine announces a new member of the My Light Team. Jaclyn Morales has been named assistant editor and will assist with submissions and planning of the magazine. She is a current student at the Institute of Children’s Literature and holds a BS in Journalism from St. John’s University. “When I was a kid I used to make imaginary newspapers,” Ms. Morales states. “I used to hand write, draw, and circulate it around my house. So it wasn’t a shock that I went for a BS in Journalism.”
Ms. Morales is excited to join us here at My Light Magazine. “The thing I love the best is that I get to merge many passions into My Light – my faith (I have attended catholic school from grade school through college) and writing for children. I get to teach children to love to read and love God as well.”
My Light Magazine looks forward to working with Jaclyn Morales. Author submissions should be sent to her at JaclynMorales@mylightmagazine.com . For content suggestions, please visit http://mylightmagazine.com .

Media Contact:
Jennifer Gladen: editor@mylightmagazine.com
Jaclyn Morales: JaclynMorales@mylightmagazine.com
Website: http://mylightmagazine.com