Review: Rhythm Rescue

Rhythm Rescue is a musically themed picture book. The author Vicky Weber did a great job integrating musical beats into the story so that the reader can join along.

In the story we follow Tala in the land of Music Metropolis as she makes her way through the city to visit her friend. Along the way she ran into a few problems- but we see that with the power of music, anything is possible!

Rhythm Rescue by Vicky Weber

This was a fun, engaging read which I’m sure children will enjoy clapping to the best as they help our hero Tala. While I would have loved to see more explanation of the musical notes used, I found it informative and an excellent way for children to “feel the beats”.

Over all, this was a fun way to to help child become familiar with musical beats. I definitely recommend it! You can get a copy at Amazon and it’s currently available for free in Kindle Unlimited! But, if you’re going to read it in the classroom, definitely get the paperback!

A Writing Update

I want to thank all my family, friends and readers for all your support during my writing journey. You’ve been there while all four of my picture books have been traditionally published. There may be a fifth one on the way…time will tell.

If you’ve been following me, you know I also started a whole other writing project and wrote my first middle grade novel. As I transition from the writing phase to the publishing phase, I am tackling another first for me- I’m choosing to independently publish my novel.

There are many reasons for this such as gaining higher royalties and control over my content, but the biggest one so far is how much I enjoy being part of the whole process. I find it fascinating and I’m always learning something new.

As the book passes through its final edits, I will be preparing for the printing stage. In order to meet the costs, I will be running a pre-order campaign using the Kickstarter platform. I haven’t started it yet as I’m still planning all the fabulous rewards for you. For this to be successful I need all of your support and I want you to be the first to hear about when it goes live. Why? Because the first day will be a one day deal only for a super deal. Sign up here to get the updates (I also send freebies occasionally). Make sure you add me to your safe list. Just by joining my group ,you will be helping me while being the first to access updates and my freebies.(Psst a cover reveal is in the works!)

Once again I am so grateful for all of you. Signing up is the a sure fire way of showing your support and ensuring you have the latest information.

Interview with Author Sheri Pape

Sheri Page is the author of the Cassie picture book series. She took a few minutes to stop by and answer some questions about writing and her career.

Welcome Sheri. Tell us a little bit about your writing life.

I started writing in 1984, but have been professionally writing for 12 years.

What are your favorite books to read?

I love picture books!

What has been the most difficult thing about writing? The most rewarding?

I find the editing process is the most difficult. The most rewarding is being creative while writing my stories.

What publications do you have out now?

My books are Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons and Cassie Pup Takes the Cake?? They are the winners of five national children’s book awards.

Are there any other upcoming releases?

Another Cassie sequel. Cassie Pup’s Favorite, Funny, Creepy-Crawly Children’s Stories (Children’s Rhyming Stories).

Where can we follow you and purchase your books? Books can be purchased there, along with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million.

Interview with Author Patricia Moore

Today we speak with children’s author Patricia Moore. She is the author of Latoya’s Downton Day, which I reviewed in my last post. Check out what she has to say.

Welcome to my Blog, Patricia. Thank you for stopping by. Let’s get started.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

PM: After listening to a children’s author at my local library, I thought I could write a book for children. I left encouraged after his talk.

How long have you been writing professionally?

PM : 3.5 years

What does your writing schedule look like?

  PM : write at night when my house is fairly quiet.

What are your favorite books to read?

PM : I have read Gone With The Wind twice already and To Kill A mocking Bird twice. Both I really enjoyed reading.

What have you found to be the most difficult thing about writing? 

PM : It seems like there are so many people who are writers and I think my work may not be all that important.

What have you found to be the most rewarding?

PM : I really enjoy getting a positive review, especially from a blogger.

What advice to you have for aspiring authors?

PM : Read, read, read alot in the genre you want to write in. To be a good writer, you need to read a lot of books in your chosen genre. If possible, join a critique group. I don’t know where I would be with my writing without my critique group!

What publications do you have out now?

PM : First Winter, Just A Servant, The Angel With One Wing, and LaToya’s Downtown Day.

Do you have an upcoming release? If so, tell us about it.

PM : My newest release is La Toya’s Downtown Day. This book is close to my heart. LaToya is a girl who lives in the projects of Chicago. She longs to go on her first trip to downtown. Her mother and her have adventures when they are finally able to go downtown. I have memories of going downtown with my mom when I was a child. I enjoyed our time together.

Where can we follow you and purchase your books?

PM : I can be contacted at   I also have a website,

You can get my book at Amazon It is free on Kindle Unlimited

Book Review: Cami Kangaroo books

This week I read two books by author Stacy Bauer titled Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff and Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets. Both books are beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Sinclair. They are friendly pictures that I think children would like and relate to.

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff is an adorable story about the importance of keeping Cami’s room tidy. Cami is not allowed to go to her cousin’s birthday party until her room is cleaned. When she goes to clean her room, she gets easily distracted. It is then that she remembers she still had her cousin’s toy she needed to find and return. While I would have liked to see Cami get her room clean without help, I understand the author pointing out how overwhelming it can be if we let our mess get out of control.

I enjoyed the story and my daughter said she can completely relate to having to clean your room before getting to do something fun!

In Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets , we see Cami who loves her sweet treats. Even though she is told not to eat so many sweets, she continues to search them out. When mom makes it harder for Cami to access the treats, Cami cleverly finds ways of getting them.

While I really enjoyed the story, I would have loved to see more natural consequences of eating too many sweets such as a tummy ache or a toothache. The story has a regular dentist appointment already set up, but maybe that could have occurred as a result of a toothache from eating too many sweets. Once again, I enjoyed the story. The characters and the illustrations were relatable.

Bloggger to WordPress

This started innocently enough. I followed a link to someone’s blog which was a WordPress blog. I had a WP blog years ago, but never fully converted over to WP. I was hesitant because I was used to blogger. Now that I’m more familiar with WP, I like the “clean” look that most WP blogs have.

As I visited my friend’s blog I decided to revisit my old WP blog. I started to toy around with it and I have to admit that I like this much better. It will be a pain to “start over” again, but I believe it makes sense. I’ve grown as an author and it is important to keep growing. You can’t grow if you never try new things. So, here I go. I’m starting a new blogging adventure.

Books, Books, Books #AtoZBlogging Challenge

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, my topic for the letter B is “Books, Books, Books”. More specifically, books for children with health issues.  As a teacher and an author,  I firmly believe that reading about something is the best way to start to deal with that specific problem. Children can identify with the characters or learn how that character handled the situation they were given.

Below is a list of books for children with various chronic diseases, along with a small description and a link.

Riley’s Heart Machine
By Lori M Jones

Riley  is afraid of what her friends will think if thy find out about her pacemaker. In Riley’s Heart Machine, Riley needs to overcome her fear of being different and finally shares her secret with her friends in a “unique” way.

Now Caitlin Can
By: Ramona Wood

This is a story about a little girl, Caitlin, who is in need of a Kidney Transplant. This is told by the point of view of Caitiln’s older brother Freddie.

Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
By: Elizabeth Murphy Meals

Ashley and her friend try to raise money for her Transplant  Operation and learn even more about Organ Transplantation in the process.

Going to the Hospital
By: Fred Rogers

A picture book detailing a typical hospital visit and common forms of treatments that occur there.

These are just a few of my favorites I found when I was searching for books for our family. What are some of your favorite specialty books?

Books in a Basket

Yesterday there was a “Basket Extravaganza” to raise money for my local parish.  When my son’s first grade was looking for donated items for their basket, I offered an autographed copy of A Star in the Night and Teresa’s Shadow. The teacher was thrilled and thought it would fit in nicely with their “Cold and Flu” theme.  Who couldn’t use a book to cozy up with when they’re sick, right?

It was a fun event and I wished I could have stayed for the whole event, but my first grader wasn’t feeling well. (Anyone else find the irony in that?)  So we stopped on by, took some chances for some other great baskets and left. Of course, we didn’t leave before snapping some pictures of the basket with my books.

Let’s see how sharp your eyes are.  Can you spot A Star in the Night?

 Teresa’s Shadow is lurking in the back of the basket As always, thanks for your continuous support, CTK!

Click on the links to get your own copy of A Star in the Night and Teresa’s Shadow.  When you do, stop by my facebook page and tell me what you thought!

G is for Guardian Angel Publishing

My first two picture books, A Star in the Night and Teresa’s Shadow are published through a great publishing company called Guardian Angel Publishing.(also called GAP) 

Guardian Angel Publishing is a children’s book publishing company which publishes books for ages 2 through 12. There are picture books, rhyming books, musical books, e-books, print books and more recently books available through iTunes. As published on their home page, their mission is to “change the world on child at a time” through inspirational and faith filled books.

With all the competition reading has with video games and TV, Guardian Angel Publishing is keeping up with the times and technology in order to keep inspiring children to read.

A new division of GAP is the Guardian Angel Kids Magazine (also called GAK). The magazine expands on GAP’s mission and provides a “healthy and safe entertainment for 2-12 year old children, featuring games and activities from our Guardian Angel books and characters.” Recently, my story The Sleepover was published in the April 2011 issue on Health. The magazine not only features, stories and articles, but has interactive learning games, often based on popular book characters from GAP.

What do you think about this innovative, faith filled and fun publishing company?