A Writing Update

I want to thank all my family, friends and readers for all your support during my writing journey. You’ve been there while all four of my picture books have been traditionally published. There may be a fifth one on the way…time will tell.

If you’ve been following me, you know I also started a whole other writing project and wrote my first middle grade novel. As I transition from the writing phase to the publishing phase, I am tackling another first for me- I’m choosing to independently publish my novel.

There are many reasons for this such as gaining higher royalties and control over my content, but the biggest one so far is how much I enjoy being part of the whole process. I find it fascinating and I’m always learning something new.

As the book passes through its final edits, I will be preparing for the printing stage. In order to meet the costs, I will be running a pre-order campaign using the Kickstarter platform. I haven’t started it yet as I’m still planning all the fabulous rewards for you. For this to be successful I need all of your support and I want you to be the first to hear about when it goes live. Why? Because the first day will be a one day deal only for a super deal. Sign up here to get the updates (I also send freebies occasionally). Make sure you add me to your safe list. Just by joining my group ,you will be helping me while being the first to access updates and my freebies.(Psst a cover reveal is in the works!)

Once again I am so grateful for all of you. Signing up is the a sure fire way of showing your support and ensuring you have the latest information.

Updates on My Light Magazine

My Light Magazine, a Catholic children’s free e-zine for children has some updates.

First – My Light is looking for a new Art Director and possibly an assistant.
Here’s the info:

Be a Part of the My Light Team!

Art Director for My Light Magazine


The Art Director at My Light Magazine is responsible for acquiring and coordinating illustrations for poems, stories and articles. Organizational skills and follow up skills are a must.

The Art Director realizes this, as other positions at My Light Magazine, are on a volunteer basis for now.


• Recruit new illustrators

• Coordinate illustrators with manuscripts

• Follow up with illustrators who agree to illustrate a manuscript

• Send illustrations to Editor-in-Chief

• Perform other duties as needed

If interested, please contact Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Gladen at

mylightmagazine@msn.com  or editor@mylightmagazine.com  

Second: My Light recognizes the time and energy of all our volunteers should be honored and respected. That is why we are still striving to become a paying market. One way we hope to do this is to participate in the I Give program.

Supporters sign up at I Give.com and choose My Light Catholic Magazine as their cause. When they do this and shop via store links on I Give, a percentage of your purchases goes to My Light. Also – there’s a way to support us without spending one dime! All you have to do is use the ISearchIGive search engine when you are signed in to I Give and My Light will receive 1 penny – sometimes more – per search you do. Here’s an easy way to sign up and help us:


Also – there’s a special promotion going on now offering more help for the magazine. Click here  for more details